January 2017 Update

We’ve been on the air for three years with outstanding service and reliability and we provide service to hundreds and hundreds of customers.

90 Responses to “January 2017 Update”

  1. Joel Says:

    Just installed a few new customers today, everything is working great!

  2. Kim Callies Says:

    Thanks Joel for the install. Everything is working fine and the speed and connectivity is great.

  3. Ann and David Says:

    The installation went great. Our devices connected without a problem. The speed is exactly what you promised. It was a pleasure working with you, Joel. We are very pleased!

  4. dan & cindy Says:

    Service is great -fast-no lag when I log on to office

  5. Shan Says:

    Just switched to Interlakes Wireless today. Very happy with it! The connection is great at the promised speed, and the installation went smoothly. Thank you, Joel!

  6. Wade and Jennifer Says:

    Joel installed our service almost two weeks ago. Installation was quick adn easy. All of our devices connected with no problems. The speed is a big improvement over our previous service.

  7. Rob Fox Says:

    Speed, Speed, Speed! Joel came to our place and did an initial installation, a week ago, using the pole on our home left by Sioux Valley Wireless. He was not pleased with the location and came back yesterday to install in a better location on our garage. He did this in some bitterly cold weather/wind. He could have waited until spring but was concerned about our service and did it in the cold. Service and Speed! We are very pleased. Thank you Joel.

  8. Hunter and Cami Says:

    My bedroom is in the basement far from the router. I now am able to play my Xbox without running an ethernet cord through the house. Cami is also able to text her friends from her Ipod from her room all night long.

  9. David Says:

    We have now been up and running for 6 weeks without any problems, We are most satisfied!

  10. David Says:


    We are very impressed with your remote diagnostic capabilities that allowed you to diagnose a loose cable at our router. Thank you!


  11. Ann Says:

    We have been so tickled by the fact that we can Skype with our granddaughter and the picture is so clear that she keeps trying to give us things and touch us through the computer screen. What a joy to have this clearly fabulous connection. Thank you Joel for all your work and committment to improving our internet service.

  12. Dave Says:

    Wow. From 4mb downloads to 30mb downloads. Couldn’t be happier with the new service.

  13. Paul Says:

    Our family is very happy with the speeds. We use to have DSL which was slow for uploading pictures and doing other things on the internet. The new speeds are wonderful. Everything works great. No question that this is a really great service.

  14. Tim Says:

    I’ve had this service for a couple months and am very satisfied. I find it much faster and more reliable than what I had before. Good work Joel!

  15. Tami & Dan Says:

    Love the new Internet service…Works great!!!

  16. Shane Says:

    Joel is an expert he came and got us hooked up in little over an hour. i like to game and his speeds are what he promises. thanks Joel and i highly recommend this service to anybody who needs fast internet!!!

  17. Rick Olivier Says:

    I could not be happier with Interlakes Wireless thus far. Before Interlakes Wireless we had three real options in our area: 1 – a company with affordable costs but terrible connection speeds, I couldn’t even stream videos; 2 – a company with good speed but you had to also have a land-line phone (which our family doesn’t have), which pushed the costs up to unjustifiable amounts; or 3 – Verizon or AT&T hotspots, which had reasonable prices but had limited data, and unreliable connection speeds. With Interlakes Wireless we got the best of all worlds – affordable, extremely fast, unlimited, and reliable. The other added benefit – great customer service. Thanks Joel!

  18. Jay & Linda Says:

    We were reluctant to switch service because of the hassle of change….whoa, this is the best thing we ever did! What a great service with no frustrations. Our only regret is we didn’t do it sooner. Joel’s service and professionalism is just the best. The speed and stability is awesome and so beyond what we expected. Thanks, Joel!

  19. Jay & Linda Says:

    Today I downloaded 7 new books from audible.com…(this is over 90 hours of listening)…it took less than a half hour to download all 7 books on Interlakes Wireless…it would have taken all day with our old service provider and there would have been a couple of freezes. So happy with your service. Wish we would have switched to you a long time ago. Thank you!

  20. Sam & Pam Says:

    We had the system setup a week ago. Flawless operation and we never had as fast a download speed.

  21. Gerry Elpert Says:

    Joel my Internet service over the last few months is been bangin! It’s going to fast! Could you slow it down a little bit?

  22. Gerry Elpert Says:

    Seriously it’s more than four times faster than anything I’ve had before. I appreciate it. Thanks.

  23. Samantha Taylor Says:

    Joel installed our Internet service near Rutland last night. We couldn’t be more excited. We have only been using Verizon wireless before which was fine except for the limited usage every month and the data overage fees. Hook up went smoothly with no problems at all. Great speed also! Thanks again Joel.

  24. J Bame Says:

    Just got hooked up this weekend – are now able to stream Hi-Definition movies via the internet without any lag like we had before! We only watch TV through the internet (Netflix and HULU) and the loading and lock up problems are gone!

  25. Amy Bourne Says:

    We’ve been hooked up for 2 months and couldn’t be more pleased. We opted for internet instead of cable or dish and am so glad for our decision. Thanks Joel.

  26. Chris Olson Says:

    After reading about others experiencing great service from Joel, I decided I needed to opt for higher speed myself. I teach online and work from home, and am elated with the increased speed! I’m online 10 hours a day sometimes, and Joel’s connection has made my life better by giving me the gift of time. I will definitely be spreading the word. Thanks!

  27. Layne Wagner Says:

    Joel, sounds like you are doing a fantastic job with your system. Keep up the great work!

  28. Ray and Dennis says Says:

    Interlake wireless install a remote thermostat at our lake house it works great!!

  29. Lisa Says:

    We switched to Interlake’s Wireless about a week ago. We are very happy with the service and speed! Joel was great to work with, quick to respond and wants to make sure you get the best signal possible. Highly recommend and so glad we switched in time for Black Friday online shopping:)! I wouldn’t even attempt to shop online using my old provider. Thanks, Joel!

  30. Kaitlin Says:

    I am SO Happy with the switch to interlakes wireless!! I can hardly believe I went so long with such a terrible connection before. Everything streams beautifully and the connection is fast on all of my devices. Thank you Joel! I am getting caught up on all of my shows I had been missing with slow internet!

  31. Lori Says:

    We switched to Interlakes Wrieless a couple of months ago and it has been great having fast and reliable service. We are very glad we made the switch!

  32. Sodak's Marina Says:

    Great service, no problems. It’s fast and reliable service.

  33. Husman Heating & Plumbing Says:

    Just switched to Interlakes Wireless and I can’t tell you the difference it has made already! Can’t say enough!! System works Great! Thanks A lot Joel!!

  34. Denise L Says:

    Just moved here and needed to set up a home office. I work for a technology company in TX and work from home almost every day, so internet speed and reliability is super important to me. This internet is smokin fast! Could not be happier with it. And installation was quick and painless too! I highly recommend Interlakes Wireless!

  35. Darla Says:

    Interlakes Wirless is the BEST internet service we’ve ever had! I work from home and depend heavily on my internet. I have never had an issue with my service and am extremely happy with it. Whenever I do have a computer issue and have to call the IT guy with the company I work for, they always assume it is an issue with our internet service. He will take over my computer remotely and run a speed test, and every time he ends up saying…”Well, it’s definitely NOT a problem with you on your end, I cannot believe your internet speed”! Thanks Interlakes Wireless!

  36. Susan Says:

    We are so happy to be new customers of Interlakes Wireless! Joel was great to work with, and installation went very smoothly. Our internet service is amazingly fast — a much needed change! Thank you!!

  37. JoAnn and Mitch Says:

    Joel was great installing for us. We have a great connection and the speed is great. Thanks so much. I have much happier kids too.

  38. DJWegs Says:

    Just switched from SV to Interlakes and I am amazed at the increase in speed and performance of Joel’s system. Thanks Much for the quick and painless install. Will highly recommend to others.

  39. Dempster Says:

    Just installed Interlakes wireless at my house on Lake Madison and was watching streaming TV through my Roku device 20 minutes later. Streaming worked very smoothly with no buffering waits. Plan to install devices to monitor refrigerator failure as well as a video camera on the house to monitor my boat and water levels over the internet.

  40. Tyler B Says:

    Internet has been working PERFECTLY, Joel offers a fantastic package that works very well, i would recommend going with Interlakes Wireless

  41. Dan & Judy Says:

    We changed 5/20 /2015 the best thing we ever did, we now love our internet, get on get our stuff done in no time at all. Joel does an excellent job with an outstanding product. Thanks so much.

  42. Crystal & Mike Says:

    Wished we would have switched to Interlakes Wireless sooner. Works great! Thanks Joel!

  43. Toni Harmdierks Says:

    Great service, quick install! Internet works VERY fast!

  44. Brian Says:

    Wow Just had Joel install his internet. Can not believe the difference over my previous internet provider. From the computer to the streaming stick for the TV what a difference. WOW No more waiting for downloads.
    Great service
    Thanks Joel

  45. Randy Kunkel Says:

    Great install this spring, everything works great! Clean install and fast internet. Thanks!

  46. suzyq Says:

    I only wish I had done this sooner!!

  47. Nancy Says:

    I just got hooked up with Interlakes Wireless yesterday and could not be happier My service from SV wireless was continuing to get worse and worse. Joel is such a professional and considerate person, couldn’t ask for better service. Thanks Joel and will recommend you to others.

  48. Shane & Courtney Says:

    We have been extremely pleased with Interlakes Wireless and the services Joel provides! Joel gets everything done in such a timely manner whether it be installation, addressing an issue, or returning a phone call, etc. We greatly appreciate the courtesy emails he provides with updates regarding our services. We are so glad we made the choice we did!

  49. Deven Bhan Says:

    Glad to have switched from Sioux Valley Energy’s Wimax internet to Interlakes. Joel ( Owner) has a proven technology that works to provide download speeds 22-32 mps. So far it is working flawlessly. The Sioux Valley Wimax speed was getting to be 2-3 mps with lot of iterruptions. I would strongly recommend SV customers to try Interlakes provided you are close enough to one of Interlakes towers ( Joel can test that ).

  50. Lyman& Marilyn Says:

    Interlakeswireless is by far the best internet connection! When you want on it’s there absolutely No waiting , automatic there.
    Service is absoutely wonderful.!! My printer gave me Wild fits & Joel came out & in 5 minutes was up & printing.
    We absoutely love the fact also not another hole in our roof. Snuck it in , can’t, hardly see it.
    Price is affordable!!!
    Thanks Joel!!

  51. Theresa Uthe Says:

    I cannot even begin to compare our old service with the new service. We actually can all be on our devices and not worry about downloading it works AMAZING. Joel has great service, your a person not a number with him.

  52. Laurin and Bonnie Meyer Says:

    Just got hooked up on Monday. Joel was so patient working with a couple of ‘old farts’ that know nothing of modern technology. Got my printer running, he even put a new cord on my computer. That’s going the extras mile. Thanks soooo much.

  53. Jessica Says:

    Thank you so much for your work on getting service at our house. It took a lot of legwork to get it done, and we are SO happy with the speed…and that I can reliably do my work from home instead of having service for a few days and then not having anything for a few days. No frustration at all with Interlakes Wireless! We can even download files and watch Netflix with no interruptions. Woohoo!

  54. Matt and Heather Says:

    Thank you for coming out and installing service so quickly when I was completely without internet. Our old service was constantly in and out.

    The install went great, connection is perfect and there is no lag.

    My husband is thrilled that he can log on to games on the PS4 now without waiting hours on load time.

    Thank you Joel!

  55. Sam Johnson Says:

    In town we had both Vast (Knology at the time) and just recently Midco internet service. We moved to west edge of town in late September and had Joel come hook us up and we have had nothing but great service and speed. One thing I like is that if there is going to be and issue or was an issue Joel send out an email explaining to everyone what happened and overall great service. Thanks

  56. Ray & Susan Brende Says:

    Could not be happier with the service. Joel knows when your system might be down (got hit by lightning) before I did. Upgraded to all of Joel’s equipment (was using my own router) and now the speed is amazing. Truly a great system.

  57. Jacey Says:

    Thank you, Joel for working with us today. We are beyond excited to have great internet at our home after two years! I appreciate your fast response and installation on a Saturday, during the holidays. Thank you, thank you!

  58. Kristi and Larry Says:

    We just switched to Interlakes Wireless and am already in love with it! So fast and awesome service by Joel! Very knowledgeable and cares that his customers are happy! No hassle with switching providers! Thanks Joel for fitting us in before Christmas!

  59. Kristine Says:

    We have been anxiously awaiting affordable service south of Junius for the last five years. We were referred to Joel a year go and he knew then that the current coverage would not be adequate. He began working on another tower location. We are pleased to now have service through the collaborate efforts of Interlakes Wireless and East River Electric. Just installed yesterday and with eight members in our family it has amazing speed and coverage. Well worth the wait. Thank you Joel.

  60. Jeff Says:

    We have had Interlakes Wireless service for close to two years and really appreciate having access to the high quality and reliable service at the lake cabin that Interlakes provides. We also like the ability to turn it off during the winter months when it is not being used. And if there is ever an interruption, which is very rare, Joel is very good at providing info and updates about the situation. We look forward to using Interlakes for many years to come.

  61. Rod Says:

    I just switched to Interlakes Wireless and I am super happy I did. So much better than what I previously had for internet provider. Not even close! Joel is very knowledgeable and had me up and running in no time. I would definitely refer Joel and IW to anyone!!!

  62. Fawn Says:

    Thanks for getting us hooked up so fast, Joel. We streamed a Netflix movie Saturday night. It didn’t buffer even once! And Perry jumped on the net during the movie. It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to do that.
    Our son, an IT guy, was impressed with the speed on our connection. It’s better than what he gets.
    We really appreciate that you have given us an alternative to the other guy.

  63. Barb Minnaett Says:

    Got hooked up and all is working great! Thanks Joel for getting Internet to us!!

  64. Linda Kriech Says:

    Thank you Joel for the great service. I called him on Saturday nght and he trouble shooted over the phone and came out on Sunday to fix my problem which I had created. Thank you, Joel! I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic service I have received every time that I have called you.

  65. Shannon Hoffman Says:

    Hi Joel, It’s been a year now that we’ve had your service and it’s been great. You’re ‘spot on’ with customer service, 24/7, even on weekends and holidays. You keep us informed of down-times and outages and even let us know when upgrades would help with better connectivity. We couldn’t be happier with Interlakes Wireless. Many thanks to you and your staff.

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